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Welcome to Trailblazer Kuzma

Thanks for reading my blog, I'm Antonio Kuzma

Trail Blazers Kuzma s a unique blog about work, travel, and Adventure, learn new skills while Traveling although, providing tips and tricks to save money while Traveling. The main goal of Trailblazer AK is to Inspired others to see the world and change the notion of "only the wealthy and famous people only travel" I believe anybody can do it but with strategy, hard work, dedication, and budget you can travel as an Average person. last, I will occasionally post a travel guide of the places I have been to and Post Reviews about the Seasonal jobs I had worked. Stay tuned for updates Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night for the new blog Posted. Thank you for reading my blog and don't be hesitant to leave feedback to have a good rest of your day.


Antonio Kuzma